250.00 inc. VAT

Rocco, the Italian Teddy Bear

  • In collaboration with teddy bear artist Lisa Pianigiani
  • Limited Edition of 10
  • Each teddy comes with a unique FERAL pattern on its silk paw pads
  • Feral silk scarf
  • Numbered

Rocco Details

– Natural mohair

– 100% silk paw pads

– Height standing 35cm

– Made in Italy


*No1 and No2 are available. No3 to No10 to order. Contact us for availability and delivery time-frames

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Tear it, rip it, blast it,

smash it, wreck it, crash it,

trash it, zap it, nuke it.




Note 1: It would be a Frisbee if we were allowed to call it a Frisbee, but we cannot for copyright reasons so now it is just a Disc. Definitely not a Frisbee.


Note 2: This is a pro dog sports disc. That means it flies like a UFO and it’s safe for Dinosaurs.


Product Details

WEIGHT : 109g

SIZE: 235mm


15.00 inc. VAT

Pack of 5  pin buttons

Product Details

Pin Button
25mm diameter